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Featuring Dataintr​å​ng & Luke Eargoggle, Salama, VITO (UK), Dean Burnett, Håkan Olsson, Robert Hunter, Daniel Dapin, Fixxxer Acid, Fahmi Mursyid, and Timeskater.

By Araz MirbavandiContributing Author

Article photo - ELECTRONIC SONGS WE LOVED! August 2023 Edition

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No Identity - Dataintr​å​ng & Luke Eargoggle

Article photo - ELECTRONIC SONGS WE LOVED! August 2023 Edition

No Identity is the first track on Dataintr​å​ng & Luke Eargoggle's album, Back To Crime. It’s a dark and hypnotic electro track, with a pulsating bassline and eerie vocals.

The song explores the theme of losing one’s identity in a dystopian society, where people are controlled by technology and surveillance. Luke Eargoggle maps a piece of original electro music through the sinister sci-fi vibes, making the listen all the more interesting.

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Digger's Meditation - salama

Article photo - ELECTRONIC SONGS WE LOVED! August 2023 Edition

​​​​​​Digger's Meditation is a fusion of electronic and meditative elements, making for a soothing and enthralling listening experience.

The production of Diggers Meditation is minimal yet rich, allowing each element to breathe and resonate with the listener. The result is a sense of spaciousness that creates a calm and contemplative space in the music.

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Xxxtentacion - Moonlight VITO (UK) EDIT

Article photo - ELECTRONIC SONGS WE LOVED! August 2023 Edition

VITO (UK) is a rising star in the electronic music scene, known for his catchy and energetic tech house remixes. His latest release is a fresh edit of XXXTentacion’s hit song Moonlight. This epic remix elevates the original track, injecting it with Vito's vibrant electro style and vibes.

The result is a perfect cocktail of dancefloor energy and emotional depth, making it a hit with both electronic music enthusiasts and XXXTentacion fans. 

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It's Good (Ferry Man) - Dean Burnett / Weathered Wall

Article photo - ELECTRONIC SONGS WE LOVED! August 2023 Edition

Weathered Wall is a musical project by Dean Burnett, a UK-based producer and composer who creates ambient, electronic, and experimental music. His latest release It's Good (Ferry Man), is the perfect daydreaming song! The track opens with a gentle and ethereal ambiance, creating a sense of calm and contemplation as it continues.

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106_5_2023​-​08​-​01 061301 - Håkan Olsson

Article photo - ELECTRONIC SONGS WE LOVED! August 2023 Edition

If you are a fan of electronic music, you might want to check out the latest album by Håkan Olsson, a Swedish producer and DJ who specializes in ambient, techno, and experimental sounds. The first track on the 106 album opens with an intriguing blend of ambient textures and hypnotic rhythms that immediately draw the listener into its mesmerizing soundscape.

106_5_2023​-​08​-​01 061301 is a 4-minute-long journey delving deep into electronic soundscapes, featuring a hypnotic and glitchy rhythm. 

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Y No Será [Uplifting Edit] - Robert Hunter

Article photo - ELECTRONIC SONGS WE LOVED! August 2023 Edition

Robert Hunter is a talented producer and DJ who creates uplifting trance music. His track Y No Será [Uplifting Edit] is a perfect example of his style and skill, as it delivers a combination of energetic rhythms, melodies, and emotional atmospheres. 

The track starts with a powerful surge of synth chords, arpeggios, and drums, building a hypnotic groove and a euphoric mood. It then transitions into a nice breakdown with soothing pads and heavenly soundscapes only to climax with a massive drop.

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Article photo - ELECTRONIC SONGS WE LOVED! August 2023 Edition

Long Way To Berlin is a tribute to the Berlin School style and to the city of Berlin itself. The album title refers to the long journey that Daniel Dapin took to visit Berlin for the first time in 2022, where he was inspired by its culture, history, and music scene.

There are 12 tracks that range from upbeat and energetic to calm and relaxing, each with its own story to tell. The album also includes some samples of radio broadcasts, speeches, and sounds from Berlin, adding a sense of realism and authenticity to the music. If you’re looking for some fresh electronic beats to spice up your playlist, give this album a listen!

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Zure motten in m'n Acid Phrase - Fixxxer Acid

Article photo - ELECTRONIC SONGS WE LOVED! August 2023 Edition

If you enjoy listening to hard techno or grabber music, this album should already be on your “to-listen” list.

Zure motten in m'n Acid Phrase by The Hardcore Crew Records is a hard-hitting album that’s filled with a raw passion for heavy techno. It’s an homage to the genre and to the culture of gabbers, a musical experience that will take you to the edge of your senses.

If you are looking for some extreme and exciting hardcore techno music to spice up your playlist, give it a listen.

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Morph / I - Fahmi Mursyid

Article photo - ELECTRONIC SONGS WE LOVED! August 2023 Edition

Morph is the latest album by Indonesian sound artist Fahmi Mursyid, known for his experimental approach to electronic music.

The first track of the album is an exploration of microtonal scales derived from various gamelan instruments. The track starts with a sparse and atmospheric melody that gradually evolves into a complex rhythmic pattern, showing Fahmi’s skill in creating organic yet synthetic soundscapes.

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Atomised - Timeskater

Article photo - ELECTRONIC SONGS WE LOVED! August 2023 Edition

Atomised is an example of electronic music that combines ambient, techno, and IDM (intelligent dance music) styles. The song relates to the theme of morphing or changing, both in terms of its content and its socio-cultural context.

The artist uses various synthesizers, drum machines, and effects to create a rich musical texture. It has a structure of intro-verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-outro, with variations and transitions between each section.

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