Denon MCX8000: The Ultimate DJ Controller

By Nik LiakMnG Editor

Article photo - Denon MCX8000: The Ultimate DJ Controller

This is a summary of the strongest points of Denon MCX8000 see price based on feedback we received from our community. Denon's flagship controller is indeed very popular within the MnG userbase so we asked around our most experienced members for their opinion. These are the key points you should be aware of before making a decision.

Article photo - Denon MCX8000: The Ultimate DJ Controller

On the hardware side 

Our users praised the Denon MCX8000 for its high quality workmanship and all-metal construction that gives it a solid and pleasant look and touch. They mentioned that it may feel slightly bulky but the easy to read displays make up for it.

On the software side

Most people were singing praises of the autonomous USB functionality. Denon MCX8000 see price can play directly from a USB drive (flash drive or any external hard disk) so you are not tied to a laptop and that's a life-saver if your laptop suddenly gives up in the middle of a show. If you have a clean directory structure, navigation is very simple. It was also noted that any USB drive must be formatted in FAT32, which may cause a bit of a headache if you are try to format a 64 gigabyte stick in Windows 10 since FAT32 supports up to 32 gigabyte partitions. 

The overall impression was that Denon MCX8000 is controller that sits well within its competition, justifying its premium image with its extensive capabilities and strong craftmanship.

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