Dive into a relentless sonic onslaught with our compilation of the most earth-shaking death metal releases - from old-school death metal to melodic death metal songs, and from atmospheric black to brutal death metal, this edition has it all! 

Featuring Orphalis, Rotten Casket, Dead and Dripping, Sorrow, After Earth, KITA, Unblessed Divine, Dripping Decay, and Hinayana.

By Araz MirbavandiContributing Author

Article photo - DEATH METAL SONGS WE LOVED! September 2023

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To Embrace Defeat - Orphalis

Article photo - DEATH METAL SONGS WE LOVED! September 2023

Leading the pack is German technical death metal outfit, Orphalis, with their highly anticipated album As the Ashes Settle. This relentless assault of intricate guitar work, thunderous drums, and guttural vocals creates a symphony of brutality. Orphalis showcases their technical prowess, seamlessly blending complex melodies with bone-crushing breakdowns. 

The track To Embrace Defeat highlights the band's ability to create an atmosphere of pure chaos, captivating listeners from start to finish.

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Hunting Down The Last Living - Rotten Casket

Article photo - DEATH METAL SONGS WE LOVED! September 2023

In the realm of old-school death metal, Rotten Casket has unleashed their monstrous album, Zombicron. From the first guttural growl to the final devastating breakdown, Rotten Casket takes no prisoners. With lightning-fast riffs, bone-shattering drumming, and gut-wrenching vocals, this album is a relentless assault on the senses. 

Hunting Down The Last Living showcases the band's uncompromising brutality, leaving listeners gasping for air.

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Kaleidoscopic Visions Of Porous Obsidian Eternities - Dead and Dripping

Article photo - DEATH METAL SONGS WE LOVED! September 2023

Hailing from the depths of the underground, American Brutal Death Metal one-man band Dead and Dripping have burst onto the scene with their third studio album, aptly titled Blackened Cerebral Rifts.

Among songs on Dead and Dripping's newest release, Kaleidoscopic Visions Of Porous Obsidian Eternities showcases the band's ability to captivate listeners with their unyielding aggression, creating a chaotic atmosphere of pure darkness. 

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Doom the World - Sorrow

Article photo - DEATH METAL SONGS WE LOVED! September 2023

As a revived older group hailing from New York, Sorrow weaves ethereal melodies with gut-wrenching growls. The unique sound of their comeback album, Death of Sorrow, transcends the traditional confines of metal, blending elements of doom and thrash with death metal sound. 

Each composition here is a haunting tale of despair and introspection, leaving listeners captivated by their evocative storytelling, and Doom the World is no exception.

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Human Slave Machine - After Earth

Article photo - DEATH METAL SONGS WE LOVED! September 2023

Swedish melodeath act After Earth approaches metal with a futuristic twist. Combining complex rhythms, atmospheric soundscapes, and otherworldly synthesizers, their music is a journey through parallel dimensions. 

Their thought-provoking lyrics on songs such as Human Slave Machine After Earth invites listeners to question the very fabric of existence, all while headbanging to their unique blend of progressive and melodic death metal.

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Kivi puhuu - KITA

Article photo - DEATH METAL SONGS WE LOVED! September 2023

Finnish band KITA has recently unleashed their debut full-length, Tyhjiö. Notable for their captivating blend of death metal and sludge, KITA takes listeners on a journey through celestial soundscapes. 

With Kivi puhuu from their album Tyhjiö, KITA manages to create a dark and heavy atmosphere that haunts the listener more and more as they keep listening to their music.

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Blacken the Soul - Unblessed Divine

Article photo - DEATH METAL SONGS WE LOVED! September 2023

Atmospheric death metalers Unblessed Divine present a sonic assault with their latest release, Portal to Darkness. The band shows no mercy as they unleash a relentless barrage of blast beats, crushing riffs, and guttural vocals. Portal to Darkness is a fiery inferno of aggression, evoking a sense of chaos and darkness. 

Unblessed Divine's ability to seamlessly blend brutality with technicality is awe-inspiring, making Blacken the Soul a must-listen song for any fan of extreme music.

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Chemical Lobotomy - Dripping Decay

Article photo - DEATH METAL SONGS WE LOVED! September 2023

If you prefer a more violent death metal touch, look no further than Dripping Decay's latest effort, Festering Grotesqueries. The album is a brutal labyrinth, with every track offering gore-influenced lyrics. 

The band's ability to create a harsh and chaotic atmosphere leaves the listener in a state of amazement after listening to tracks such as Chemical Lobotomy.

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Reverse the Code - Hinayana

Article photo - DEATH METAL SONGS WE LOVED! September 2023

These Texas-based Melodic death/doom metalers’ music is a captivating mixture of melancholic melodies, powerful growls, and atmospheric elements. With introspective lyrics that delve into themes of loss, introspection, and existentialism, Hinayana's music takes listeners on an emotional journey. 

Reverse the Code showcases Hinayana’s ability to merge aggression and beauty, creating a captivating soundscape that resonates with fans of melancholic and introspective metal.

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