Cyberpunk 2020 - The Ultimate Playlist

Welcome to the new world - a playlist for night time in vast industrial cityscapes

By Eimear O SullivanMusicngear Editor

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1. Bladerunner 2049 OST - Sea Wall (Hans Zimmer, Benjamin Wallfisch) 

An intense and ominous wall of sound with metallic intrusions as you venture into the dark abyss of the unknown.

2. Street Cleaner - Sewer Shark 

The San Diego based producer has an unrivalled ability to conjure up the vivid images present in his track titles - Sewer Shark embodies a dank, metallic underworld in which nature's most feared predator prowls and awaits.

3. Absolute Valentine - Chainsaw Revenge 

The ultimate song for 80’s level lawlessness from the French producer -  fusing industrial synths with eerie halloween sounds, this is a song for embracing the darkness.

4. Caspro - Goosebumps

Taken from the producer’s album Dark Digital - this is a very sinister cover of the Goosebumps Theme song.

5. Aim to Head - They Exist

You have seen for yourself that they exist, but no one believes you - listen to this as you race through the underworld trying to evade the powers that be. A sinister, technological synthscape from the production duo Aim to Head.

6. Volkor X, Feather - Aquatic Ambience: 

If there was a submarine scene in any cyberpunk movie - this is what would be playing. Listen to this as you descend into the shimmering underworld of the ocean. Mournful, aquatic synths as you behold what lies underneath and all its mysterious beauty.

7. Cassetter, Extra Terra - Slasher ( Extra Terra Remix)

A foreboding remix of Casette’s track Slasher by the unrivalled Extra Terra. Simply terrifying.

8. Wojciech Golczewski - Childhood Dream

Taken from his album The Signal - the synthesis in this sounds like the synapses in your brain recalling a childhood memory.

9. Social Kid - Forever Floating

The latest release from producer/composer Forever Floating is a dark technological extravaganza that fills your ears as you prepare for battle.

10. Lemay - Digital Disaster 

Delicate instrumentation that initially lures you into a false utopia before hitting you with a wall of concrete sci-fi sonic madness.

11. GRoost- Howl

Howl all you want -  in a dystopian kingdom no one is coming to save you. Producer GRoost creates an uneasy, slightly Halloween fused Cyberpunk creepshow. 

12. Hyper - Drive

Taken from Hyper (aka Guy Hatfield) ‘s Cyberpunk EP - Drive opens with an eerie wall of synthesis, before diving headfirst into a foreboding sci-fi scape.

13. Mark Holiday, Trendsetter, Magnus Deus - Dig Deeper 

Opens on a lament played on a deeply mournful organ before fusing with a tangled web of technological darkness that weaves its way into your mind where it will live forever

14. Biodrive - Neon City

Taken from their album Stay in the 80’s - this is an uplifting electronic soundscape for surfing the web.

15. Misanthropix - Sisters of Disorder

The title matches the song - a cyberpunk potion fused with a hint of witchyness. Do not cross the Sisters of Disorder.

16. Owl Vision  - Zepulchre

The big eye is watching all of us and there is no escape - a gloriously creepy synthscape from producer Owl Vision.

17. Kick Puncher - Original Gamer

Robot sonics with glorious synthesis - this is the soundtrack for a new unknown future.

18. DreamReaper - Impulse

A mix of euphoric dreamyness and industrial synthesis - this is for nightlife in the Night City.


19. Max Brhon - Cyberpunk

Foreboding Blade Runner style intensity driven to the max.

20. Head Splitter - Kyoto

The sound of driving through a sinister robotic underworld. Ominous, metallic, otherworldly in its sound selection - you are now a fugitive.


21. Grimes - Darkseid

Taken from the prolific artist’s most recent album Miss Anthropocene - this is a deeply unsettling, 808 fuelled sci-fi pit of wires, with 潘PAN’s pitched up vocals creating a deep sense of unease, combined with Grime’s hypnotic and seductive delivery of the chorus “ Unrest is in our souls, We don’t move our bodies anymore”


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