An exploration of the latest releases from a diverse range of bands within the genre. From pure black metal to Atmospheric black metal songs, and from doom-influenced black metal tracks to ones influenced by death and thrash metal.

Featuring Haar, Bloodshed Walhalla, Körgull the Exterminator, Eminentia Tenebris, The Rite, Nixil, Massen, Gravewurm, and Endstille.

By Araz MirbavandiContributing Author

Article photo - BLACK METAL SONGS WE LOVED! September 2023

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A Bitter Assimilation - Haar

Article photo - BLACK METAL SONGS WE LOVED! September 2023

Hailing from Scotland, Haar is a progressive and atmospheric black metal band that paints vivid soundscapes with their music. Their atmospheric and haunting compositions are characterized by a perfect balance between moments of crushing heaviness and ethereal melodies. 

Haar's music reflects themes of isolation, despair, and the macabre. 

Their 2023 release, Ouroboros, presents an immersive experience through its richly layered instrumentation and powerful vocals. Haar possesses an uncanny ability to transport listeners to desolate landscapes, which is evident in A Bitter Assimilation.

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Glory To The Sacred Land - Bloodshed Walhalla

Article photo - BLACK METAL SONGS WE LOVED! September 2023

Originating from France, Bloodshed Walhalla’s music is a unique blend of black, death, and folk metal. Their work is a glorious onslaught of furious riffs, pummeling drums, and epic melodies. Inspired by Norse mythology, Bloodshed Walhalla's lyrics delve into ancient battles and heroic sagas. 

Glory to the Sacred Land showcases their ability to seamlessly blend aggression and melody, creating an intense and immersive listening experience. With their epic compositions and captivating storytelling, Bloodshed Walhalla stands tall as a band that truly captures the essence of the metal genre.

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The Devil's Sea - Korgull the Exterminator

Article photo - BLACK METAL SONGS WE LOVED! September 2023

Korgull the Exterminator is a Spanish blackened thrash metal band that has been tearing up stages with their intense sound since their formation in 2004. Drawing inspiration from bands like Venom and Bathory, Korgull the Exterminator delivers a relentless assault of blistering riffs, breakneck speed drumming, and aggressive vocals. 

Their music is an unholy marriage of black metal's darkness and thrash metal's ferocity, creating a sound that is both chaotic and addictive. With songs such as Devil's Sea from their latest album Built to Kill, Körgull The Exterminator has firmly established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the metal community.

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Rise of a New Kingdom - Eminentia Tenebris

Article photo - BLACK METAL SONGS WE LOVED! September 2023

French Eminentia Tenebris is an atmospheric black metal band known for their atmospheric and haunting soundscapes. Their music is characterized by its complex song structures, technical proficiency, and a sense of foreboding darkness that permeates each note. 

With Rise of a New Kingdom, this one-man project has proven itself as a band capable of pushing boundaries and creating music that is both aggressive and evocative.

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The Astral Gloom - The Rite

Article photo - BLACK METAL SONGS WE LOVED! September 2023

The Rite, an Italian black/doom metal band, is a mesmerizing force that draws listeners into a world of darkness and mysticism. With heavy influences from classic doom bands like Black Sabbath and Pentagram, The Rite's music is characterized by its slow, crushing riffs, mournful melodies, and occult-inspired lyrics. 

The Astral Gloom is a sonic journey through the depths of despair, invoking a sense of both doom and transcendence. The Rite's ability to create an atmosphere that is simultaneously heavy and ethereal has captivated fans of all things dark and heavy.

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Abyss Unto Abyss - NIXIL

Article photo - BLACK METAL SONGS WE LOVED! September 2023

Next, we have NIXIL, an American black metal band hailing from the shores of California. Their music is an intense and unapologetic exploration of the darker aspects of the human psyche, and the sound is characterized by furious guitar riffs, thunderous drumming, and guttural vocals that plunge the listener into a vortex of darkness. 

Abyss Unto Abyss is a testament to their ability to seamlessly merge different metal subgenres. Nixil's music is an intense and unapologetic exploration of the darker aspects of the human psyche.

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Energy System - Massen

Article photo - BLACK METAL SONGS WE LOVED! September 2023

Moving on, we come across Massen, a symphonic/melodic black metal band that pushes the boundaries of the genre. Their music is a complex amalgamation of technical prowess, intricate song structures, and atmospheric elements. 

Massen's songs take listeners on a rollercoaster ride with unexpected tempo changes, intricate guitar solos, and a rich layering of various sonic textures. Energy System, which is the opening track on their second album, Gentle Brutality, once again showcases the band’s ability to create a captivating and dynamic musical experience.

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creatures of a cursed land - Gravewurm

Article photo - BLACK METAL SONGS WE LOVED! September 2023

Gravewurm is an American blackened death metal band formed in 1990. With a career spanning over three decades, Gravewürm has cemented its place in the metal scene. Their music is a relentless onslaught of thrashy riffs, furious drumming, and venomous vocals.

Gravewurm's lyrics often revolve around themes of darkness, occultism, and horror, adding to the eerie atmosphere of their music. 

With their new song, creatures of a cursed land included on their 2023 EP A Cursed Land, Gravewurm continues to deliver their signature brand of raw and aggressive metal.

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DetoNation - Endstille 

Article photo - BLACK METAL SONGS WE LOVED! September 2023

Last but not least is Endstille, a German black metal band that has been active since 2000. Endstille's music is known for its relentless intensity, aggressive guitar riffs, and machine-gun-like drumming. Their songs are often fast-paced and uncompromising, reflecting themes of war, misanthropy, and chaos. 

Endstille's powerful live performances have garnered them a dedicated following, and songs such as the title track DetoNation on their new album have cemented their position as a staple within the modern black metal community.

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