Best in Pop: Hot New Releases Vol 1

A collection of our favorite pop releases 

Featuring Xavier, Bobbi Arlo, Confidence Man, Sarah Proctor, Raegan, Luna Pines, CHAI, Blue DeTiger, Jamie Paige, Yasmin Hughes. 

By Eimear O SullivanMusicngear Editor

Article photo - Best in Pop: Hot New Releases Vol 1

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Xavier - Imma Live Forever 

Article photo - Best in Pop: Hot New Releases Vol 1

I recently watched Apple Tv’s show ‘After Party’; a murder mystery/comedy series in which a class reunion results in murder, starring Dave Franco, who gives a truly hilarious performance as international pop icon Xavier, whose music plays intermittently throughout the show. One of the first things I thought while watching the show, was that there hopefully were full length versions of these songs, as even with just a few seconds, you could hear their addictive earworm quality.. It turns out that not only are there full length versions of these songs, there is in fact a full-length EP (produced by Stelios Phili).

Imma Live Forever is one of the songs from this EP, and my god is it addictive. It is a juicy blend of Justin Timberlake style flawless pop production, with a throbbing electro bass. This is fun all around - you can check out the full EP below (X Marks the G Spot is also a must-listen) 

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Bobbi Arlo - PARASITE 

Article photo - Best in Pop: Hot New Releases Vol 1

Every single song that has been released by Bobbi Arlo has been flawless, and PARASITE might be the queen of them all. 

We open with a shimmering, cherry sweet intro, luring us into a false sense of what is to come, before plugging into 808 fuelled atmospheric dark pop. The chorus features a wall of lush synthesis, rich vocals and throbbing sub bass, drawing you into its shadowy, night time world. Divine.

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Confidence Man - Woman

Article photo - Best in Pop: Hot New Releases Vol 1

Taken from the electro/dance pop duo's new album TILT (every single song on this album is perfection) - Woman reminds me of early 2000s electronic house mixed with pop (the style of the piano chords and percussion bringing to mind the likes of CeCe Peniston and Crystal Waters). Woman is a hypnotic time capsule, and invites you to embrace your sensuality. 

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RAEGAN - Tim Burton

Article photo - Best in Pop: Hot New Releases Vol 1

I came across this on Spotify’s Fresh Finds Pop playlist, and as I am a lifelong fan of Tim Burton’s, I was immediately curious.  RAEGAN’s Tim Burton opens with a gloriously macabre string intro, before diving into a highly unusual percussion section with trap influences and eerie vocals, weaving a velvet gothic tapestry, in which you can engulf yourself in as you stare out across the moat in your gothic mansion.

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Sarah Proctor - Feels Like Magic

Article photo - Best in Pop: Hot New Releases Vol 1

Another song made for the witching hour - Feels Like Magic is like something that played in a dream you once had, one in which you explore at night, alive with the promises of youth. This is a late night version of the original, featuring dark piano, a wall of gorgeous reverb laden guitar, with light electronic touches. 

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Luna Pines - honeymoon

Article photo - Best in Pop: Hot New Releases Vol 1

We were lucky enough to get to speak to Luna Pines about how they get their gorgeous wall of sound  (see here) -  honeymoon is from their new EP If Anything Happens I Love You, and is a crystalline, dreamy, synth soaked delight, with ice-like vocals, giving the feeling of being out in the elements, being one with nature. 

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Article photo - Best in Pop: Hot New Releases Vol 1

This is the newest release from Japanese experimental pop group CHAI; WHOLE is pink, glossy with diy edges, luxurious in a way that soothes you, and will put you at ease. Treat your ears.

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Blu DeTiger - Hot Crush Lover

Article photo - Best in Pop: Hot New Releases Vol 1

The velvety, marzipan color palette of the artwork and accompanying music video soak their way into the fabric of this delicious, alt pop release from US artist Blu DeTiger. Smooth, dreamy pop at its very best. 

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Jamie Paige - People Posture Play Pretend 

Article photo - Best in Pop: Hot New Releases Vol 1

One of the many things that I love about Bandcamp, is that they understand the vastly important role that artwork plays in a musical release; especially when it comes to discovering new music, as this can often be what entices a new listener, simply by being curious or interested in the artwork. This was the case for me, as I was looking through Bandcamp for new pop releases, when Jamie Paige’s new release came up. The artwork immediately caught my eye (which was done by artist Que), and my god, this song is so, so good. 

Glitchy synths with a highly addictive vocal melody - the flawlessly layered synthesized chorus asks ‘if you can make it on your own, when your self is on the mend’. A fantastically addictive production from start to finish.

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Yasmin Hughes - Be Good To Me

Article photo - Best in Pop: Hot New Releases Vol 1

Written by David Lyons, the fantastic songwriting, flawless arrangement choices and effortlessly smooth vocals on display give Be Good To Me all the hallmarks of a classic.

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