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This month’s cherry flavored edition features; otherworldly europop with heavenly vocals that will send you to a rave in the early 2000s; a song that is a nostalgic mix of grunge and electronics (the heavenly electronics giving Madonna’s Frozen vibes); a gentle pop/RnB song that will soothe you and make you thoroughly relish the present moment; a song that sounds like it is from a VHS tape from the 1970s that you discovered in your seafaring, glamorous coastal grandmother's house, and more.

Featuring moistbreezy, Roskamala, Courtney Knott, Neggy Gemmy, French Horn Rebellion, Siné, Miranda Joan, Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue and Magdalena Bay.

By Eimear O SullivanMusicngear Editor

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Why Can’t It Be You - moistbreezy

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I instantly became obsessed with the oceanic, early 2000s aesthetic of pop star moistbreezy - especially as the otherworldly visuals blend their way into the fabric of the music. This newest release is a gorgeous blend of heavenly eurodance and dreampop, all mixed together to form a truly delicious trance cocktail. This song was written, produced and performed by moistbreezy.

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Chameleon - Roskamala, Courtney Knott

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Taken from the EP “Truth She Told”, “Chameleon” has shimmers with a Hollywood glamor; with impeccable vocals melting over the soulful piano section, as the track progresses orchestral strings glitter at the edges; this song feels like it has been a classic for decades.

On the track Roskamala confides, "I wrote it when I was questioning whether the life I had was meant for me, imagining what life would be like if I was truly free, physically & spiritually. This song is about the inner war to be free."

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Euphoria - Neggy Gemmy

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A mix of grunge, electronics and pop textures with the slight melancholic undertones of nostalgia - the newest release from artist Neggy Gemmy is, as always, gorgeous. The verse is giving Madonna Frozen vibes (obsessed), as ethereal vocals flow over a lush bed of electronics. This gives way to a grungy, distortion filled chorus, all of the textures fusing together to form something wholly unique. 

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Slug Song - Magdalena Bay

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The newest Magdalena Bay album ‘minimix vol 3’ has me on the verge of forming The Bayhive it is so damn good. ‘Slug Song’ is the opening track ( I highly recommend you watch the visuals); and it possesses the glamor of a dream sequence from the 1970s. It is like a VHS you discovered in your elegant, fascinating coastal grandmother’s house. This is shimmering synth pop with slight vaporwave touches, and it is utterly luxurious.

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Versace Eros - French Horn Rebellion, Siné

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Gentle pads melt over your ears like summer; this is a gorgeous mix of electronics and alt pop ( in the electronics area, I'm getting Breakbot vibes and I love it). This was, hilariously, written as an ode to the character from the Versace Eros ad (see Robert’s comment below). This glitters like the artwork; and is a joy from start to finish.

"The song is about a secret undercover relationship between Siné and the character from this Versace Eros ad. I know… super random, but we were running through the internet and just thought the ad was so over the top! It’s very silly. The song was written during a sunny day in Brooklyn.  We all were in such a great mood, and wanted to bring that into the music," proclaims Robert PM of French Horn Rebellion.

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I’m Good - Miranda Joan

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A gentle blend of pop and RnB, with dreamy, therapeutic vocals. The vocals are almost whispered into your ears; reminding you to enjoy the moment you are in. This song is vulnerable, in a way that will bring you right back to the moment you are in, make you aware of how you are feeling at this moment, and most of all, to breathe it in and truly appreciate it. As the song progresses beautiful orchestral accompaniment comes in, this is beautiful.

On the song, Miranda confides "I wrote this song on the heels of a year that kicked my ass. It was a time when my mind, body and spirit had suffered, long and slow and I was looking for a place of peace where I could rest. Standing in the midst of the wreckage of that year, all I could see at the time was the damage, and so I wrote this song to remind myself of what still was; of the love that remained. It looked different now, but there was still so much there." 

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Back To School - Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue

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This is fun. Magical synthesizers shimmer towards you; before a delicious funk beat with pop flavorings comes in and zings you back to life. This is kaleidoscopic, pink, retro, with perfect disco vocals, that is a blast of euphoria. On the track Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue says it is “about wanting to be with someone who is gonna give you a run for your money. Someone who rewrites the rules, and you wanna play by whatever those new rules are.”

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falling in love - joan

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Taken from the duo's new album ‘superglue’, this is buttery smooth. The groove has a slight Anderson Paak feel; mixed with the duo’s signature dreamy pop sound. Bliss.

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