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This month's edition features; dreamy bedroom pop with alt 90s songwriting vibes; an alt pop song that has a chorus so good it is en par with some of Taylor Swift’s best choruses; glorious hyperpop with Euro Dance flavorings; orchestral pop that could have been plucked straight from a musical and more.

Featuring veronicavon, moistbreezy, Kian Blume, Molly Warburton, Cal in Red, Cosmic Crooner, Aimée and Cat Janice.

By Eimear O SullivanMusicngear Editor

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There is nothing like a well written pop song; in fact, a well written pop song could very well change your life. In this series we find some of the best pop songs we came across this month (spanning from bedroom pop to Eurodance flavored hyper-pop).

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Good Girl - veronicavon

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I first came across this on Bandcamp (a recurring theme throughout this series) in November of last year; as it was the first track from the EP Next Life. The vocal melody and guitar chords have the addictive melancholic quality of the best alt 90s songs (in that you are drawn in immediately); the beautifully dreamy bedroom pop melting over your ears; with gorgeous DIY synths coming in after the first chorus. This will transport you to quiet, introspective moments, to autumn, to the times in between, this is just thoroughly wonderful from start to finish.

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Gravity - Molly Warburton 

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This has a really cool mid 2000s vibe; in that it feels nostalgic, yet new, which is a testament to the incredible songwriting and production on display in this song. The vocal melody draws you in straight away, with dreamy vocals gliding over the ethereal backdrop, the chorus being nothing short of glorious (en par with some of Taylor Swift’s best choruses that stay with you forever); one that you can imagine soaring through a stadium sound system on a summer's night, sending us all into the stratosphere. 

On the song the songwriter confides, “Many may think it’s about someone but actually it’s about something. I guess when being a musician you can fall in and out of touch with your sounds, inspirations and passion for your music. When I wrote ‘Gravity’ I had just recently been through this cycle feeling very uninspired to perform or write new music, almost falling out of love with it, but after taking some time out and realizing what I had achieved and developed through music I found this new energy, new sounds and a new love for my music.” 

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If I Had Your Number - moistbreezy

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The late 90s, Euro Dance aesthetic of moistbreezy and her music meant I became an instantaneous fan. She is back with ‘If I Had Your Number’,  which is a brilliant mixture of eurodance and hyper pop, with a chorus that you will become obsessed with. Check out the visualizer here.

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Daphne - Kian Blume

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Opening with beautiful piano chords that sound like they have been plucked from a 1950s Hollywood piece; this newest release from LA based artist Kian Blume is gorgeous orchestral pop, with lyrics that weave a beautiful tale (he partnered with Michael Orlanto finish the song, who is best known for his work with American Idol and producer Miklos Malek (Jennifer Lopez, Anastacia) The music video is wonderfully cozy, with some autumnal and summer vibes (check it out here). I could also imagine this being part of the soundtrack for the 2012 movie ‘Ruby Sparks’. 

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Can I Call You Tonight?/Quarterback - Cal in Red

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Taken from the EP On The Dance Floor, this is dreamy indie pop, with beautiful DIY touches. This song is the closing song of the EP, and is drenched with the longing of youth, with both vocals singing different lyrics in the chorus (this type of vocal delivery needs to make more of a comeback, as the results are just divine). 

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Chill the fck out - Cat Janice

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Following her battle with cancer, Cat wrote this song as a reminder to take a deep breath and not to overthink. This song opens with gleaming pop textures, with light vocals, the groove inviting you to just chill, to allow yourself to just be. This song invites you to breathe in, and out, and to let yourself just exist - there need to be more songs like this! On the song the songwriter shares, “I would say to myself “chill the fck out” when I would stress about work or school. Then I finished the song while I was starting chemo and I would be stressed about going into that chapter of my life. “Chill the fck out” kind of became my mantra for getting through that time.” 

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Spoiler Alert - Cosmic Crooner

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This is a modern 60s pop classic, whose inspirations include The Ronettes, Lemon Twigs and the transcendent creations of Weyes Blood. This sounds like something truly wonderful you accidently came across in an old record collection. Spoiler Alert has a cool lounge singer feel, but is sprinkled with slight psychedelic touches every so often making this a treat for your imagination and ears - you haven't heard anything quite like this before. 

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Hurt Like Hell - Aimée

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A lush bed of magical vocals, with a throbbing electro pop bass, draws you into this newest release from Irish artist Aimée; haunting lush pop textures surround her vocals, the powerhouse of a chorus entering and blowing the roof off.

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