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Our monthly series in which we find the very best pop releases we came across. This edition features a bubblegum pop earworm that has the synthesized richness of mid 2000s pop, a hardcore hyperpop Nine Inch Nails cover, Y2K pop blended perfectly with eurodance, gentle, celestial pop that will send you back to the 70s and more.

Featuring Brooke, Mel 4evr, Michete, Yesunia, moistbreezy, Æ MAK, L’Avenue, Star Cassette and Yesunia. 

By Eimear O SullivanMusicngear Editor

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Tropique - L’Avenue

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Taken from L’Avenue’s most recent album ‘Riviera’; Tropique is a shimmering, gleaming auditory holiday for your ears. Celestial glittering pads ease over a gentle bassline - the incredible production and sound design making this feel like a flashback to a luxury resort that exists in science fiction; the music possesses the quality of the sunlight reflecting off the azure blue surface of the pools everywhere. 

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Weak - Yesunia

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The newest release from Irish artist Yesunia, ‘Weak’ features earth-shattering 808s and a wall of delicious pop instrumentation; over which icing-like vocals glide. The groove is irresistible, and thoroughly infectious - fun all around. 

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Closer - Mel 4ever, Michete

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A hardcore hyperpop cover of Nine Inch Nails’ ‘Closer’. This is incredible, and hits you like a wall with its industrial bass, glorious pads, flawless vocals, and overall fantastic production - this is pure catharsis; and will allow you to let yourself go. 

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Planet Pleasure - moistbreezey

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When I saw the aqua Y2K inspired artwork I knew I had to hear this. ‘Planet Pleasure’ opens with a glistening bed of early 2000s pads, synths and drums ( initially reminding me of the early 2000s classic Walk on Water) before dissolving into a gorgeous euro-dance style chorus. Check out the music video here. 

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Sun God, I’ll Be Your Woman - Æ MAK

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The newest release from Irish artist Æ MAK is as intriguing as the artwork ( and indeed all her other releases). There is imagination and rich conceptual elements at the core of every song this artist releases; ‘Sun God, I’ll Be Your Woman’ exploring mythical themes. The song itself features a Kazoo, hypnotic percussion and divinely layered harmonious vocals - you have never heard anything like this. Nourishing, and thoroughly mesmerizing.

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Solar Coaster - Vinyl Williams

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Gorgeously gentle celestial pop that sounds like it teleported from the 70s. 

Solar Coaster is drenched in sunshine; and will elevate your consciousness; and transport you to the world you see in the artwork. Taken from his album ‘Cosmopolis’ ( in which he did the music, lyrics, recording, mixing, mastering and artwork). Divine.

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Malibu - Star Cassette 

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Star Cassette are a three piece synthwave band based in Stockholm, Sweden. Malibu is a powerhouse of a song; and is a blend of fun 80s synth pop mixed with dream pop.  Taken from their album ‘Sound Of The Universe’,this will whisk you away with its cloud like vocals, throbbing nostalgic 80s bassline, rising synthesis and glorious drums. This grabs you and never lets you go.

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Heartbreaker - Brooke

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The definition of a pop earworm. Heartbreaker’s chorus is lusciously layered and textured; in a way that is reminiscent of the best of pop from the mid 2000s; mixed Taylor Swift's most addictive choruses. You need to hear this, 

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