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By Eimear O SullivanMusicngear Editor

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Mi Vuoi - Ultraflex, Kuntessa

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I recently came across Ultraflex (having listened to their track Rhodos), and have since become thoroughly obsessed. ‘Mi Vuoi’ is an explosion of shimmering eurodance, hypnotic electronic and synthpop; reminiscent of some of the most glorious electronic/eurodance/ synth fuelled pop from the 2000s. There is also a music video, which you can find here.

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2120 - Jane Inc

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Fun from start to finish. This sounds like it was plucked from a glamorous time in the past ( or perhaps was in the soundtrack to something you watched on a VHS tape) - and is the perfect song to escape into. The drums and synth production on this are incredible.

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Crash Course - Blu DeTiger, Biig Piig

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Electricity courses through every second of this track with this phenomenal collaboration. An in your face bassline mixed with luxuriously smooth vocals - this is one to blare.

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Treat Me ( Like A Toilet) - Mel 4ever

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The newest release from Mel 4Ever is reminiscent of some of the very best mid 2000s pop sensations - a wall of intense synths, sublime vocal production - and pure, unadulterated addictiveness from start to finish.

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Stuck in Love - ABSOLUTE.

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A delicious blend of bubblegum like textures with hard industrial electronics.The silky smooth vocals ease over the relentless bassline - demanding your attention from start to finish. 

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Sunshine Radio - Eamon Dunne

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The most recent release from the Laois based music producer and musician; ‘Sunshine Radio’ features a blend of gorgeous bossa nova textures mixed with indie-pop; while luxurious vocals ease over the sun soaked, relaxing dreamscape. This is simply divine. 

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Burner Phone - Ines Rae

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Hypnotic, nostalgic alt-pop from the UK based artist. ‘Burner Phone’ features delicate vocals set against a lush dreamscape; before a trap influenced beat comes in, leading us into a gorgeous hook that feels like it is playing over a hazy summer memory. 

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YOYO - Fior

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This may be one of the best songs of 2022 - the 90s fuelled funk bassline, the shimmering keys, and the effortlessly smooth vocals; all lead to something that bears all the hallmarks of a classic. . 

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