Best in Metal - May 2024 Edition

Are you ready to see what metal treasures May has given us so far? Then keep reading because you’re about to discover some of the most creative metal tracks you’ve ever heard.

This edit features the latest releases by Lord Szop, Stollgan & JESSEL, Necrodeist, Stir Crazy, Ogdimora, Stinkbrute, Shokran, Summoning The Lich, One Last Threat, and Sacrificial Betrayal.

By Araz MirbavandiContributing Author

Article photo - Best in Metal - May 2024 Edition

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Arigato - Lord Szop

Article photo - Best in Metal - May 2024 Edition

Arigato is a vicious and powerful 2 minutes of lyrical metal and rap. This is the second track on Lord Szop‘s latest album, SZOPOWIE​Ś​CI, a collection of satisfyingly harsh vocals and underground hip-hop vibes.

If, like me, you don’t understand Polish, don’t worry. You’ll still enjoy the rhymes and energy and you can always check the lyrics here.

Give this artist a shout-out if you like his infectious energy and connect with him using one of the links here below.

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Article photo - Best in Metal - May 2024 Edition

It’s easy to get lit listening to the rhymes of Seal The Deal by Stollgan and JESSEL, a song that makes micro dosing seem more exciting than it actually is. I’d also consider adding this one to my Drag Racing playlists if I ever became a drag racer in the future.

The bars go hard, and the beat goes harder. I love the vocals and the freedom that comes with listening to someone play with verses so masterfully. And of course, the metal screams are the cherry on top.

So, give them a listen and let me know what you thought about it.

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Manifest The Present - Necrodeist

Article photo - Best in Metal - May 2024 Edition

Necrodeist gave us a sneak peek into their upcoming album, DECLARED DEAD, with Manifest The Present. It’s furious, it’s heavy, it’s metrical, and it’s everything you want to hear- a sonic Molotov cocktail that explodes in your face.

You can get your hands on the album on Bandcamp on July 16th but until then, I recommend listening to Manifest The Present and enjoying the pummeling guitar riffs.

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Dead Body Man (Stir Crazy Remix x Mash Up) - Stir Crazy

Article photo - Best in Metal - May 2024 Edition

I love that I can imagine myself doing body rolls to Dead Body Man Remix and having a good time while enjoying the heavy guitar riffs and creepy vocals and lyrics.

Stir Crazy is on to something here and it gets better the more you explore his digital mixtape, Alice Insane - The Insane Clown Posse X Alice In Chains STIR CRAZY.

The artist is slowly but surely becoming a more well-known name in the Urban music industry by leaving his creative mark on listeners' minds.

Give Alice Insane a listen and maybe you’ll find a new favorite in this crazy mixtape, too.

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Wilted Sanity - Ogdimora​

Article photo - Best in Metal - May 2024 Edition

I present to you Wilted Sanity, a beautiful track by Ogdimora, a cat-lover band with the best album cover photos ever. There’s even a track called Death by Meow which I strongly recommend you listen to even if you don’t like cats (how could you)!

Wilted Sanity is melodic enough to be chill music but also angry enough to be your morning alarm. Give it a spin and connect with the band if you love what they’re doing!

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Slipping on Blood and Guts - Stinkbrute

Article photo - Best in Metal - May 2024 Edition

Slipping on Blood and Guts by the Portuguese band, Stinkbrute is a beautiful piece that makes you feel the part: fleeting. It’s a metaphor for life, perhaps, or the industry, and Stinkbrute does a great job portraying the piece’s energy.

Check out this classic and connect with the artist if you wish to give them a shout-out!

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Khonsu: The Traveler From Thebes - SHOKRAN

Article photo - Best in Metal - May 2024 Edition

Today, I learned that somebody (the Russian band, SHOKRAN) has already thought of bringing Egyptian mythology into metal, and I couldn’t be happier. If you like your music with a clever twist about the Egyptian God of the moon, Khonsu, then give Khonsu: The Traveler From Thebes a listen. The whole album (called Duat), is great to play if you and your buddies are into metal AND an Egyptian-themed game of D&D. 

Listen to SHOKRAN as they wave an impressive narrative through the lyrics of their songs.

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My Horrors Unending - Summoning The Lich

Article photo - Best in Metal - May 2024 Edition

This is a death-metal punch in the face that personally reminds me of those crazy midgets in Borderland and Mad Max at the same time. Intrigued? Well, you should be. And you might be even more interested once you learn that most of the band’s lyrics are inspired by Lord of The Rings, D&D, and Magic: The Gathering!

This is Summoning The Lich’s teaser for their upcoming album, Under The Reviled Throne, which you can find on music platforms on July 26th. Pre-buy the whole album or enjoy this singular masterpiece until then! 

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Production - One Last Threat

Article photo - Best in Metal - May 2024 Edition

Production is an unrelenting and fast-paced song by the Montrealian band, One Last Threat. A dark shadow looms over you as soon as you hit play, but the type that leads you to light by making you think. This band knows what they’re doing when it comes to lyrics, and the song's atmosphere paints the intended picture in listeners’ minds.

Give One Last Threat’s latest mini album, No Tolerance For Intolerance, a spin and comment your thoughts if you feel like sharing!

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Paper Weight - Sacrificial Betrayal

Article photo - Best in Metal - May 2024 Edition

Harcore metal makes a good pair for harsh and rap-like vocals and lines, and Paper Weight by the Californian band, Sacrificial Betrayal, is living proof. My favorite part about the song is the guitar (absolutely dominating), besides the cover artwork. 

The transition mid-song is also refreshing and has an interesting spin on the traditional metallic hardcore.

Give them a listen and connect with them using one of the links shared below!

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