Best in Metal - August 2023 Edition

A fiery fusion of the latest releases within the metal scene. From symphonic/power to progressive metal efforts, and from thrash to black metal, this edition has it all!

Featuring Winterage, Atomic Symphony, Ornamentos del Miedo, Fallen Joy, Vengeful Spectre, Benthic Realm, Darker Tales, Demolizer, Mictlantecuhtli and Anima Tempo.

By Araz MirbavandiContributing Author

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Nekyia - Winterage

Article photo - Best in Metal - August 2023 Edition

Winterage is known for their epic symphonic power sound. Their newest album, Nekyia, showcases the bands’s exceptional talent and captivating storytelling. With soaring melodies, powerful vocals, and intricate orchestration, the album takes you on an enchanting adventure through fantastical realms. This album is a must-listen for anyone craving a musical experience that transcends reality.

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Nemesis - Atomic Symphony

Article photo - Best in Metal - August 2023 Edition

With a musical direction combining elements of progressive metal and classical music, Atomic Symphony’s latest effort, Nemesis, is a sonic explosion. The band's intricate compositions, blistering guitar solos, and thunderous rhythm section create a symphony of sound that is both powerful and mesmerizing. Get ready to headbang and air guitar like never before as Atomic Symphony takes you on a wild musical ride!

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El Cosmos me Observa en Silencio - Ornamentos del Miedo​

Article photo - Best in Metal - August 2023 Edition

Ornamentos del Miedo's latest album El Cosmos me Observa en Silencio is a blend of doom, gothic, and atmospheric metal. With ethereal vocals and melancholic melodies, this one-man band takes you on an introspective journey through darkness and light. Each track is a carefully crafted piece of art that evokes an array of emotions. Prepare to be moved by the raw and emotive soundscapes created by Ornamentos del Miedo’s latest album!

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The Reborn - Fallen Joy

Article photo - Best in Metal - August 2023 Edition

The band's unique blend of melodeath and progressive elements creates a sound that is both heavy and melodic. From the intricate guitar work to the thunderous drumming and powerful vocals, The Reborn is a headbanger's paradise, a relentless assault on the senses that leaves you craving for more. So get ready to unleash your inner metalhead in the hands of Fallen Joy!

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Vengeful Spectre II - Vengeful Spectre

Article photo - Best in Metal - August 2023 Edition

Vengeful Spectre brings a dark and atmospheric sound to the table with their second full-length, Vengeful Spectre II - a symphony of darkness, that takes you on a journey through the depths of despair and anguish. With their raw and aggressive sound, haunting melodies, and chilling vocals, the band creates an intense and immersive listening pleasure. Brace yourself for an experience like no other as you delve into the depths of their music.

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Vessel - Benthic Realm 

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Benthic Realm's debut album is an exploration of the depths. With their unique touch on doom metal, this band creates a mesmerizing and immersive experience. These altogether make Vessel a journey into uncharted territories, with intricate compositions, atmospheric textures, and captivating vocals that transport you to a world beneath the waves, where the music becomes a conduit for emotions and reflections. 

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Book One - Darker Tales

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As a band that weaves tales of mystery and intrigue with their power metal sound, Darker Tales' music is a captivating blend of beauty and darkness. Their debut release, Book One, is a dark and enchanting journey, filled with haunting melodies, powerful vocals, and atmospheric soundscapes. Every song is a carefully crafted story that draws you into a world of shadows and secrets, leaving you spellbound and craving for more.

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Post Necrotic Human - Demolizer

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With their aggressive riffs, lightning-fast drums, and venomous vocals, the band delivers a sonic punch that will leave you breathless. Demolizer’s second studio effort, Post Necrotic Human, is a relentless onslaught of thrash metal. The album is a headbanger's dream, designed to make you unleash your inner thrasher. Get ready to bang your head and mosh like there's no tomorrow as Demolizer takes you on a wild ride!

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As Eagles Descend - Mictlantecuhtli

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Mictlantecuhtli's third full-length, As Eagles Descend, is a dark and atmospheric journey into the depths of blackened thrash metal. With their brutal sound, menacing growls, and relentless aggression, this band channels the spirit of ancient Aztec mythology with a bone-crushing sonic assault. As Eagles Descend is a testament to the power of metal, taking you on a visceral and intense journey.

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Chaos Paradox - Anima Tempo

Article photo - Best in Metal - August 2023 Edition

With their intricate compositions, technical prowess, and soaring vocals, Anima Tempo pushes the boundaries of progressive metal. Their second studio album is a masterpiece of the genre, showcasing virtuosity and innovation. Chaos Paradox takes you on a complex and captivating journey through intricate melodies and dynamic rhythms - proof of their power of creativity and musicianship.

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