Best in Metal - April 2024 Edition

A roundup of the fiercest new releases hitting the metal scene!

Featuring NECROMETER, Aeon Bridge, Nazgul, Disruption, Insecurity, AnomiC and Ancient Entities

By Araz MirbavandiContributing Author

Article photo - Best in Metal - April 2024 Edition

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Article photo - Best in Metal - April 2024 Edition

Let’s start with NECROMETER’s latest album, The Measurement. Listening to the first track of the album, Mirror, reminds me of dancing under a rain of fire and drinking dark gooey liquids from stone cups in the forest. 

The vocals are also on point, might I add, and make your hair stand on its ends. Give it a listen and show the artist some love if you also appreciate their art like myself.

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Making Love on Horseback - Aeon Bridge (Eeeki)

Article photo - Best in Metal - April 2024 Edition

Think Thrash Metal but with an acoustic twist, and you’ll get Making Love on Horseback. This beautiful, original, charming track is part of the collection created by Aeon Bridge, or as he likes to call himself now, “Eeeki.” 

Call yourself whatever you want to, you talented artist, but I’m definitely playing Making Love on Horseback from Lovers’ Quarrel in my next D&D session. I suggest you give this track a spin if you don’t mind listening to Metal songs that DON’T hurt your ears.

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Luna del Oscuro Trascender - Nazgul

Article photo - Best in Metal - April 2024 Edition

What a powerful and enchanting experience it was to give Luna del Oscuro Trascender a listen. This Colombian band outdo themselves in their new album, Oscuridad Primordial, taking black metal to a whole new height.

The vocals are bone-chilling, the instruments sound aggressive and frankly incredible, and the lyrics are poetic (and a bit scary). If you enjoy black metal and appreciate poetic lyrics, check Nazgul out with one of the links here.

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Torched - Disruption 

Article photo - Best in Metal - April 2024 Edition

Dive into the searing intensity of Swedish metal band Disruption's latest single, Torched. Taken from their self-titled EP (listen here), Torched is a relentless cry for forgiveness amidst burning despair.

With cutting riffs and desperate choruses, Torched immerses listeners in a world where shattered dreams meet unbridled aggression.

Since 1999, Disruption has dominated Blekinge's metal scene, blending Swedish melodic death-metal with American thrash and nu-metal influences, all while shedding light on the darker aspects of society.

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Delusive Images - Insecurity 

Article photo - Best in Metal - April 2024 Edition

Let's crank up the intensity with Delusive Images from Santiago's high-speed hardcore thrashers, Insecurity. 

This track, fresh off their brand new EP Tales From The Dreamworld, hits you like a sonic hurricane from the moment the guitars start shredding.

With thunderous drums driving the relentless pace and vocals that spit fire, Insecurity proves they're among the elite in Chile's thriving thrash metal scene.

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On Deaf Ears - AnomiC

Article photo - Best in Metal - April 2024 Edition

On Deaf Ears by thrash/death metallers AnomiC, is a scathing commentary on humanity's tendency to ignore warnings and repeat mistakes, even as the world crumbles around us. 

As the guitars unleash a storm of punishing riffs and the drums thunder with primal intensity, AnomiC pulls no punches in confronting the folly of our species.

Trust me, this track hits hard. And while you're at it, don't miss out on the EP's first single with the same name - give it a listen, and brace yourself for the storm.

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Pierced by Obsidian - Ancient Entities

Article photo - Best in Metal - April 2024 Edition

Pierced by Obsidian by Ancient Entities' upcoming album Echoes Of Annihilation set to drop on June 21, is a cataclysmic symphony of death metal that is nothing short of brutally beautiful.

Born from the embers of ancient civilizations, the drums pound like the heartbeat of ancient gods and the guitars unleash a torrent of crushing riffs, transporting us to civilizations long forgotten.

Listening to Pierced by Obsidian is like descending into a chasm of darkness, where the sheer force of the music envelops you in a vortex of sound. It's an experience that leaves you breathless, exhilarated, and hungry for more.

Watch the video for Pierced by Obsidian here.

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