Album Review: The Coronas - True Love Waits

A review of The Corona’s upcoming album True Love Waits - out July 31st. Pre-save HERE

By Eimear O SullivanMusicngear Editor

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True Love Waits is the 6th studio album from the multi-platinum selling Dublin group - produced by George Murray,Rob Kirwan & Cormac Butler, and including a duet with English singer/songwriter Gabrielle Alpin. Previously a foursome ( guitarist Dave McPhillips departed last year) - they have returned as a trio, with a truly sensational album. Their strong, signature style of songwriting stays within the realms of rock; however the production flawlessly combines this with elements of electro synth pop; opening up the songs to a whole new dimension; both sonically and emotively. In fact, key to the new development of their sound on this album was Danny’s coterie of new co-writers.

“I co-wrote a little on the last two albums and loved it,” says Danny. “This time I was up for anything. I took snippets of ideas to several musician mates, mostly around Dublin and Kerry, to see what we came up with and that’s how we hit on some of the new sounds and different song structures”

The opening track True Love Waits, is a euphoric, glimmering pop track, featuring electro drums fused with a wall of bright guitars. Although uplifting; it invokes a slight melancholy nostalgia; that results in an instant emotional response. This song was written with Cian MacSweeny, frontman of Cork-formed, Dublin-based trio True Tides (whom we previously interviewed on how they achieve their signature sound) True Tides being one of The Coronas’ favourite bands, and most recently, their support act.

From here, we move on to Never Ending (On Your Side) which features sci-fi, arpeggiated synths panning from ear to ear; combined with layered vocals. After this intro we return to rock territory, the chorus diving back in their signature powerhouse sound.

Lost in the thick of it is a duet with Gabrielle Aplin, which is one of the quieter, more introspective songs on the album. We open on light piano chords, with Gabrielle’s silky smooth vocals combining perfectly with Danny’s. The chorus on this has a truly magical quality to it; almost like a demo. On this Danny says “We’ve never kept so much of our demos before, but what’s great about George is he can see the magic in a moment. There’s a spontaneity to that song which we’d have lost by rerecording it”

I Think We Jinxed It opens with haunting, shimming bright electric guitars with light percussion rising gradually to a crescendo of glorious strings, dissolving into an array of sustained electric guitars.

Haunted and Cold are piano centered ballads showcasing the raw power of Danny’s vocals.We then begin to venture ever so slightly back to the electronic pop touches of this album. Brave features subtle vocal chops over beautiful wall strings, electric guitars and piano. It resolves itself into a full blown rock chorus with powerful,earth shattering drums ( I would imagine this would be nothing short of mindblowing live)

Find the Water showcases their unrivalled songwriting abilities; eerie guitars over pulsating kicks dissolving into a richly layered chorus. Need Your Pressure is back to electro drums and textures; shimmering and delicately moving behind Danny’s soulful, emotive vocals. We end on LA at Night - what starts as piano based track; veering into a truly exhilarating wall of glittering sustained electric guitar textures. 


This album succeeds in a way that many commercial albums can fall short in ; it manages to maintain the magical, raw emotive quality of a demo - the production on this album preserving this essential ingredient, whilst adding a polished finish. True Love Waits is a perfect fusion of rock and electronic pop; combining two powerful walls of sound that at times may engulf you. A truly spectacular return from The Coronas. 

Album release July 31st 2020 // Pre-Save HERE

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