20 Summer Pop Anthems For Your Listening Pleasure

A playlist chockful of summery pop anthems you won’t want to miss.

By Savannah DavanzoContributing Editor

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You’ve heard T-Swift’s bubblegum singalongs. You probably have no qualms belting out “New Rules” in the car with the windows down. Maybe you even went through a fleeting Bieber phase.

These are all well and good, but the pop music scene is crazy saturated with the radio recipe: quick catchy hooks, ping-ponging tempos, and high-energy beats. There are ​hundreds of chart-topping pop princesses and anthemic bands circulating across radio waves and making appearances at the award shows we love watching, but buried beneath the superstars and working hard to climb their way up out of the shimmering rubble are tons of worthy newcomers to the pop scene.

We wanna give them some love, so we’ve put together this playlist chockful of summery pop anthems you won’t want to miss.


  1. Think”​ by ​Mo Brandis​ : London-based singer-songwriter Mo Brandis’ first single of 2018 is an unbearably slick soul-pop track. Distant funk rhythms bubble throughout as he sings that perfect hook, “Might be this drink but I think I love ya...,” a sonic summer explosion bursting with soul and color.
  2. Prom Queens”​ by ​Lindsay Latimer​ : Swelling with an insistent percussive pulse, this track paves the way for Nashville songstress Lindsay Latimer’s breathy barely-there vocals. The song grows with urgency, desperate and blooming with little pop elements peeking out here and there.
  3. Yours”​ by ​Lo Lo​ : When Toronto artist Lo Lo got dumped, she did the whole “ice cream and tears” thing, but she also penned a deliciously upbeat and sugary anthem. It’s got twinkling keys, laidback vocals, and slaps of percussion, all coming together for the perfect pop bop.
  4. Tell Me Tell Me”​ by ​courtship.​ : LA-based electro-pop duo crush it with this one, expertly hitting that radio-ready recipe we mentioned before. Tropical flourishes open the track before synth buzzes and layered percussion kick it up a notch while distant vocal harmonies float above the arrangement.
  5. Frankie.”​ by ​FOXE​ : Based in London, indie-pop band FOXE craft a quirky, cutesy singalong with a whole lot of flavor. The multi-instrumentation experiments with wailing rock riffs and swelling vocal echos while the hook and little howled moments are pure pop.
  6. That’s All”​ by ​MAUWE​ : Another UK indie-pop outfit, MAUWE’s single is a dynamic summer banger coated in warm synth treatment led by the duo’s cool harmonies. There are slower string-based moments, but when the breakdown hits, the song bursts with sunny rhythms and pulsing electro beats.
  7. Rewind”​ by ​Louis Futon​ ft. ​Ashe​ and ​Armani White​ : When LA producer Louis Futon teamed up with Ashe’s flavorful vocals and Armani White’s quick-hitting raps, he successfully created a wildly addictive candy-coated anthem. It’ll give you ​ major ​“Sunday Candy”​ vibes from Chance, a worthy sonic sibling.
  8. Obsessive Love”​ by Levy & The Oaks​ : Jersey band Levy & The Oaks continuously drop catchy pop-rock tunes and their latest single is no different. Twangy lead guitar andunrelenting high-energy percussion pump the track along, building an addictive singalong anthem.
  9. How Bad We Need Each Other”​ by ​Marc Scibilia​ : Right off the bat, Nashville-based singer-songwriter Marc Scibilia offers our next earworm. Organic percussion and a vibrant rhythm line kick it off before Marc’s strong, fuzzy vocals start delivering the sweet hook among deep bass blooms and choir-like backing.
  10. Gently Break It”​ by  Beck Pete​ : One of the most exciting new voices in music, Beck Pete modestly bursts onto the scene with a creeping, thumping rock-tinged arrangement. Her versatile voice is powered by soul, the hook is a catchy plea, and the song cruises with pop-rock energy.
  11. Hypochondriac”​ by ​Miranda Glory​ : LA songstress Miranda Glory might be new to the scene, but she’s already making an impact. Her new single is a sleek dark-pop anthem, crawling like a slow burn with resounding electronic swells and pops of percussion beneath her eerie vocal echoes.
  12. Gettin’ Old”​ by Pink Skies​ : With his cover of 6LACK’s track, dream-pop artist Pink Skies transformed it into a hazy mellow soundscape. Deep synth swells and fizzy melodies float leisurely throughout the piece, pumping along with woozy rhythms and distant breathy vocals.
  13. Sun To Me”​ by Donora​ : Pittsburgh-based indie band Donora have been making pop anthems for over a decade now. This one is a rollicking earworm, starting out quick with pounding claps and a fun guitar strum morphing into a sunny arrangement layered with booming horn rhythms and impassioned vocals.
  14. Come On, Come On”​ by ​New Chums​ : Phoenix-based rock ‘n roll band New Chums’ bursts with high-powered multi-instrumentation from the get-go. Throughout the track, layers of sparkling electric guitar and pulsating percussion join steady vocals delivering addictive belt-along hooks.
  15. Wasted”​ by ​City Rain​ : Philly producer Ben Runyan of City Rain keeps dropping electro-pop gems designed to never leave your ears. This track runs with bubbles of buzzing beats, twinkling rhythms, and layers of vocal riffs, all creating an addictive and high-energy electro anthem.
  16. Still”​ by ​Boy Band​ : Folk-pop trio Boy Band (three powerhouse female vocalists, btw) are bursting onto the scene with their thoughtful Americana tunes, but on their last single, they double up on the pop. Saccharine in its sweet melodies, pulsing pop percussion, and those candied harmonies, it’s your next summer earworm.
  17. New Religion”​ by ​MAAD​ : Model and musician MAAD might just be the next chart-topping voice in music, especially with this soulful effort. It’s got that in-your-face hook combined with electro-funk beats fizzling in the background of sleek R&B rhythms, not to mention those sweet soulful pipes she’s got.
  18. Summer Lovin’”​ by ​The Tuesday Crew​ : When Stephen Day and Jordy Searcy (two ridiculously perfect voices) got together one day to jam with their buddies, they created the quintessential summer anthem, smooth in the warring harmonies and drowsy in those dreamy slow-rolling strings and piano sparkles.
  19. Can’t Get Hurt”​ by ​EXNATIONS​ remixed by Unbloom​ : The collab between dance-angst group EXNATIONS and thoughtful producer Unbloom results in a warbling, mesmeric electro-pop anthem. There’s a wild sugar-rush breakdown, 80s-influenced beats, and major indietronica elements to die for.
  20. Crush”​ by ​Tessa Violet​ : Popular YouTube personality Tessa Violet (meekakitty)’s original tunes are little indie-pop gems. The latest obsession finds sweet simple sparkles merging with churning rhythms beep-booping beneath her tender, airy vocals, nonchalant in their delivery of quick catchy lines.

There you have it: 20 ridiculously addictive indie bangers and pop bops to warm the heart and please the ears. Pick your new favorites yourself or follow our official Musicngear pop playlist right here:


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