20 Songs for Silent Cities and Blue Skies

By Eimear O SullivanMusicngear Editor

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Empty cities stretching out under huge blue skies - cities that have been constant unstoppable machines of noise and activity for hundreds of years, now are deserted and silent.

No one in our lifetime has lived through something like this - these are 20 songs to soundtrack this very strange time.

  1. Kwamie Liv - New Boo : A haunting retro track made for driving through Sin City at the dead of night.

  2. Mellow Fields & Lucy in Disguise - My Deadly Marvellous Addiction : These two incredible producers team up here to create retrowave perfection. A glimmering, dream-like wall of synths fused with 80’s style electronic drums.

  3. Empress Of - I'm Your Empress Of : Magical realism for your ears - a shimmering haze of glittering synths and vocals with 808s from the American Singer/Songwriter and Producer.

  4. Elaine Mai, Soule & Sorcha Richardson - Butterflies : Luscious RnB and Neo-Soul perfection. Pulsing, warm Neo-Soul chords set against lush vocals and light percussion- it just keeps getting better and better.

  5. Darce & Will De Burca -Bob Ross : Glorious Electronic Disco Mania from acclaimed producer Will De Burca - driven to another dimension with the furious flow of rapper Darce. The soundtrack to a very odd evening indeed.

  6. Blood Orange & Toro y Moi- Dark & Handsome : These two musical powerhouses team up to create a Rhodes infused, Frank Oceaneque style track with a mournful dream-like quality set against perfect vocals.

  7. Bobbi Arlo - Berries : Delicious RnB Pop from the Dublin artist - think 90s RnB mixed with early Katy Perry ear candy - divine.

  8. Morgan Willis - Daydream : A Dreamwave masterpiece - the soundtrack to sun soaked, kaleidoscopic dreamscapes all set against a throbbing retrowave bassline. Taken from the French producer's new album Dreamer.

  9. Same D4Ence - R.R ( Real Rappers) : Nobody even comes close to the talents of this limerick trio - rappers Size, Hazey Haze and MCB - furious wordsmithery delivered over earth shattering 808 and flutes.

  10. Donny Benet - Girl Of My Dreams : If the 70s and a late night tele shopping network that sold plastic jewellery had a baby - it would be this song. Silky smooth brass synths with luxurious vocals pumping through slick drums.

  11. Louis Cole - When You're Ugly - Instrumental : Taken from the LA Musician’s album Live Sesh and Extra songs - this is cinematic orchestral magic mixed with a thundercat style bassline, funkalicious drums AND a brass section - what more would you want?

  12. Arvo Party & LARKS - Running Up That Hill : Acclaimed Irish producer teams up with vocalist LARKS - the result is a throbbing Bladerunner bass, industrial synths with LARKS dreamy ethereal vocals that bring to an alternate dimension.

  13. Breakbot & Delafleur - Be Mine Tonight : Think of every 80’s style acid trip in movies and cartoons - this is the song that plays over it. A kaleidoscope of raw Euphoria from the French producer Breakbot and vocalist Delafleur.

  14. Thundercat & Louis Cole - I Love Louis Cole : If Adult Swim and the 90s were a person - that person would be Thundercat. Polyrhythmic drums over a gorgeous string melody and lucious dream vocals. Featuring the previously mentioned Louis Cole.

  15. Fehdah (feat Loah) - Buffer Fly : A smooth airy house and dreamy neo soul electronic affair that sounds like summer from the producer and vocalist.

  16. 1000 Beasts - 5 points : The Cork based producer teams up with vocalist Alex Tierney to create a mournful, textured beauty - think Purity Ring mixed with hauntingly beautiful lofi melodies.

  17. Yves Tumor - Kerosene! : I can be your real life sugar - a dreamy, lofi buttery 70s wonder from the American producer and vocalist. Think Tame Impala mixed with a dream- real life sugar indeed.

  18. Super Silly - Hate Dah : Flawless vocals over a slick RnB beat and lush Frank Ocean style guitars and synths.

  19. Soccer Mommy - Circle the drain : Your favourite song from the 90s that you never heard. Taken from the Nashville singer songwriter’s new album Color Theory

  20. Ava Archbold - Exit Music (For a Film) : Eerie piano accompanied by Ava’s haunting, ethereal vocals. We don’t know what happens next - but we are here now.

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