Our opinion

SKAUSS has undeniably captivated our musical sensibilities with an electrifying fusion of dark electronic undertones, intricate rhythms, and haunting vocals. The artist's exploration of existential themes in "Whoami" left a lasting impression, setting the stage for an ambitious project that spans an impressive array of genres.


SKAUSS, a versatile multi-instrumentalist and producer, initially gained acclaim with the release of "Whoami" in 2019—an album exploring existential themes through intricate rhythms and vocals with a dark electronic undertone. Since then, SKAUSS has embarked on an ambitious project, supported by an online community, aiming to complete 100 unfinished songs across 12 distinct artist personas. This expansive endeavor spans various genres, including Synthwave, Americana, Ambient, Chillout, Acoustic, nu metal, Industrial, EDM, all converging around the themes of life, death and the human condition as it transcends into the future.

In this musical exploration, SKAUSS weaves a tapestry that seamlessly blends dark electronic elements with futuristic soundscapes, creating an immersive experience for listeners. The project reflects not only SKAUSS's versatility but also his commitment to pushing artistic boundaries. Enthusiasts of diverse musical landscapes with an inclination towards dark sensibilities and dreamy orchestration are sure to find SKAUSS's ongoing journey a captivating sonic adventure.