Harley Benton presents Banjos HBJ-25. If you are on the lookout for miscellaneous string instruments or guitars and basses in general, then this may be a fitting choice. Make sure to check out the reviews but first of all press the red button below to see if it fits your music taste.
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Chris likes Indie Rock, Synthpop and New Wave
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  • "A great Banjo, look and play wise...."


    A great Banjo, look and play wise. Great value for money.

    Reviewed Feb 03, 2014
  • "I've been a musician for close to 20..."


    I've been a musician for close to 20 years now, but just recently fell in love with the banjo. I bought the cheapest one I could find, to get my feet wet and see if I liked it, a Harley Benton HBJ-25.
    Being totally new to Banjos I'm still not sure what to expect. I can frail OK on this banjo though in my opinion the strings are too loose/bouncy and it's hard to get a solid, crisp, note from my frails.

    Reviewed Nov 20, 2013