If you are striving for the best price to value ratio, then Behringer is probably very well known to you already

By Chris RoditisMnG Lead Editor

Article photo - Behringer - brand of the week

When I started in music around 1994, having your own music studio was but a distant dream. I would gaze in awe at the shiny valve preamps, compressors and enormous analogue mixings desk whenever my band had a recording session downtown, sitting at the black leather sofa and studying with reverence the intricate details of the many acoustic foam panels on the walls.

Stories of how expensive that Neumann mic was, how the owner of the studio must have had the most wealthy father in the city always picked our imagination on our way back home: how we wish we had our own studio.

Behringer enabled us independent musicians to finally make our dream a reality

It should therefore come as no surprise that I am a huge fan of Behringer and proudly feature the company as MnG "Brand of the week", for it is the company that along with other companies that followed and contributed to the trend enabled us independent musicians to finally make our dream a reality, to build our own semi-professional recording studios.

I have owned a lot of Behringer gear through the years and currently am the proud owner of an XR18 Digital Mixer. Proud is an understatement. The things I have managed to do with this thing are beyond my imagination, and I have a quite vivid one at that!

Expect more soon on the MnG Blog about the XR18, be it about mixing a live show, multitrack recording with Ableton Live (and doing both at the same time), gigging with prerecorded tracks, mixing without the band present, enabling everyone to control their own mix and much more. Cheers to Behringer!

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Chris Roditis has been an active musician since 1995 in various bands and projects across a variety of genres ranging from acoustic, electronic to nu metal, british rock and trip hop. He has extensive experience as a mixing engineer and producer and has built recording studios for most of the projects he has been involved with. His passion for music steered his entrepreneurial skills into founding MusicNGear in 2012.

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